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Welcome!  Check out what is happening in Barkley Square Civic Club!
Hello neighbors,
I wanted to send out a monthly update on items that the board and committees have been working on.  I also want to introduce a new board member, Allison McMillan, who is serving as secretary.
Allison McMillan joined the board as secretary in January.  She and her husband, Mark, have lived on Lymbar Drive near the pool for over 20 years.  Allison now works from home in the employee benefits industry and Mark is retired and enjoys fishing in Galveston.  Their son, Mark, graduated from the University of Houston last year and is employed with a financial investments company.  Allison enjoys gardening, walking our neighborhood, and meeting new neighbors. 
We had the leak detection completed on the pool and there are 3 main leaks, totaling $3200.  Because our water bill has been $1500 the past 6 months, the board voted to fix the leaks until further decisions can be made on the pool to be mindful of the neighborhood’s finances. The pool committee is still obtaining bids on plumbing, electrical, etc. that will be shared when completed.  In the meantime, the big pool will remain open this summer, pending it passes city inspection.  Unfortunately, the baby pools drain system is out of code and the board decided that the liability is too great to open it this year, so it will be closed until further notice. We realize that many neighbors enjoy the baby pool, but we felt the safety of children were too important, especially in light of recent reports of malfunctioning pools.
The Architecture Committee has had several requests for work and has streamlined some requests for ease of having your work completed.  You might have noticed the new signs indicating that you/your neighbor have completed the process and has been approved.  Thank you to those that have submitted requests!  The committee received a “kudos” for such an easy process!
Security has been pretty quiet in BSCC but it is active all around us.  We heard that a vehicle was stolen from a driveway in our neighborhood, but that is not confirmed.  Regardless, please make sure to always lock your vehicles and if you see anything, call the constables.
As you likely have experienced, 610N to 59N ramp is closed for 3 months and the 610E to 288N ramp is closed until Oct.  Obviously, those are estimates but fingers crossed they open close to those dates as our options to drive north are impacted.
For those who have lived in BSCC a long time, I also was made aware that Cesar Carrera passed away a few weeks ago.  He was our longest resident in BSCC and was active in our community at St Thomas More.  He was 100 years old and a resident of Rutherglen. Condolences to those who knew him.
Heavy trash (household) was this month on April 10 but it looks like you get a few more days to put out over the weekend as they have not come by yet.
I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather!
Take care,
The general meetings will be held at Westbury Baptist at 7:00 on:
May 16
August 22
November 14
Architecture Approval Reminder
Please keep in mind architectural reviews can take up to 30 days to approve per the deed restrictions, so please plan accordingly. Architecture Approvals are required for forward facing changes (structure, roof, paint, etc.).

Report all suspicious activity to Harris County Constable Pct 5 - 24 Hour Dispatch phone number at 281-463-6666.
If your house will be vacant or you are on vacation it is HIGHLY recommended to have it placed on the Pct 5 vacation/special watch list.
If anyone would like information posted, please use the Contact Us link and select webmaster.

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