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This  page describes some of the features in or near our neighborhood that make it an attractive and pleasant place to live. We are happy to hear about suggestions from our residents about things that might be included on this page.
Barkley Square Pool
Sierra jumping into the pool with great glee!The Association has a pool available for members located on the corner of Lymbar and Renwick, just at the south end of Atwell. Pool membership is included in the association dues. There is no extra charge to residents however non-resident guests accompanying a resident pay a $5.00 guest fee per guest at the entrance. 
If you have someone interested in becoming a lifeguard please reach out to
Pool Hours: The pool is open to residents of Barkley Square during the following hours and a lifeguard is on duty.
Monday/Tuesday – Closed
Wednesday/Thursday/Friday - 1 PM to 7 PM
Saturday/Sunday – 10 AM to 7 PM
Please note that the pool may not be open for all of these hours as there is a lifeguard shortage.
If you are a resident and member of BSCC, we require that you fill out a Resident Agreement Form and provide it to the lifeguard on duty prior to using the pool.  
Pool rentals for private functions are available upon request. Please call Kristen Alvarez for more information regarding reserving the pool for private functions at
We do offer some limited membership opportunities to non-residents for a fee. You may contact us about this through our Contact Us page for more information. Select "Pool Committee" from the dropdown menu and enter your personal contact information and someone will be in touch with details or email us at  We also request that if you are a non-member of BSCC or a guest of a BSCC member, we require that you fill out a Non-Resident Agreement Form and submit it with payment prior to using the pool.
Braes Bayou Trail
One of the best things about our neighborhood is the convenience of a hike/bike trail that runs along the banks of Braes Bayou. This trail is an improved asphalt trail that goes from Gessner on the west end, to MacGregor Park on the east end. This is a distance of 14 miles from end to end, offering a great opportunity for residents who want to bicycle or walk away from traffic in the streets.
Braes Bayou trail looking east from Atwell bridge
Most of our residents would likely enter the trail from Atwell Drive, where there is a footbridge across the bayou providing an easy way to walk to the north side of the bayou, if one prefers an unpaved area for walking, or if walking to the Beldens center at Chimney Rock, where there is a 24 hour Walgreens. From the base of the foot bridge, it is 3 miles to Gessner, or 1.5 miles to Loop 610. Either of these might make attractive exercise outings for walkers. There are benches and water fountains along the way in both directions. For cyclists, going to Gessner offers a 6 mile round trip ride, or, going to a 
small park just past Buffalo Speedway for a turnaround provides a 9 mile round trip.
For more ambitious riders, it is easy to plan a round trip of over 30 miles without riding in the street anywhere except a few places crossing bridges from one side of the bayou to the other. The trail is well maintained in most parts, with rough spots that develop over time with shifting ground. Recent drought conditions have sometimes opened dangerous cracks in the trail, so vigilance and caution is recommended.
Features along the trail include an exercise pavilion between Stella Link and Buffalo Speedway, and benches and water fountains along the entire way.
Exercise pavilion east of Stella LinkBench at park east of Buffalo Speedway
In 2016, new facilities have been added at the Atwell Street intersection with the trail. New sitting areas with benches and landscaping have been added at both the east and west ends of the ramp leading to the foootbridge across the bayou to North Braeswood. The pictures below show the improvements at the west end of the ramp.
Westbury Park
A nice park where small children can play is available just south for our neighborhood on Willowbend at Mullins, just west of Parker Elementary. There is a public swimming pool there, with a baseball diamond, tennis courts,  and playground equipment, for smaller children. Picnic tables and benches are scattered around the park, some in covered pavilions.
On the left is the entrance to the pool facility, with a view of the pool area just to the right, behind the building.
Below, you can see a bench and picnic table in the open, with the children's playground in the background. On the right, see the picnic pavilion with one of the children's climbing sets in the background.
For more information about City of Houston Parks, visit this page.
We have lived here since 1993, and I had never seen a hummingbird in my yard. Recently I bought a plant they called a hummingbird plant, and have now discovered hummingbirds in the neighborhood!
I have gotten a few pictures (they are very hard to photograph!), and seem to have attracted at least two different birds. In this shot, you can see the flowers of the hummingbird plant on the left.
This plant seems to be thriving in a pot in my back yard, but, in the present heat (August-September), I have to water it every day, sometimes twice! It is a nice looking plant with beautiful red flowers, and has reached a height of about four feet so far.
Humingbird at my feeder.In this second shot, I caught a bird coming to my newly installed feeder. As you can see, this is a different bird. Not knowing much about hummingbirds, I don't know whether this is male and female, or two different species of bird. In any event, I am happy to have them visiting my home.
Hummingbirds have always seemed to have a special quality setting them apart from all other birds. My Mother, up in Shreveport, always had a feeder near the window and seemed to take special pleasure in watching these fascinating creatures. She loved all birds, but these were special!
If you are interested in learning more, the Houston Audubon Society has a page of information on their webiste.




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