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In 1961, development of the subdivisions that would comprise Barkley Square Civic Club, Inc. homeowner association began.  A total of 204 homes would be built.  There were three different sections developed:
  • Mayerling Meadows 1 (Lymbar Dr. and Cheena Dr.)
  • Barkley Square South Section 1 (Wigton Dr., Yarwell Dr., Dumfries Dr. and Mullins Dr.)
  • Barkley Square South Section 2 (Valkeith Dr. and Rutherglenn Dr.)
The homeowners in all three sections formed a homeowner association by creating a non-profit corporation known as Barkley Square Civic Club, Inc. on September 11, 1963.  The homeowner association continues to operate under this non-profit corporation.  All homes are subject to deed restrictions that are filed with Harris County property records. Homeowner fees are due yearly and are paid to:
Barkley Square Civic Club
PO Box 35491, Houston, Texas, 77235
Dues may be paid via Zelle to 
The homeowner association is staffed and operated by volunteer homeowners who are elected as officers, street directors and appointed to serve on the architectural, security, and pool committees. We have a short "Welcome to Barkley Square" available to view and download that will provide new residents with some information about our community.
This is a quiet, well maintained neighborhood with friendly neighbors.  Our neighborhood is conveniently located just minutes from the Galleria, the Medical Center, Reliant Stadium, and downtown Houston.  It's a great place to live!
Barkley Square Civic Club, Inc. is a mandatory homeowner association.  In other words, if you live in one of its subdivisions, you are required to pay homeowner association dues (see above).
Other applicable fees include:
  • $100 - Transfer fee for sale
  • $  25 - Refinance fee
  • $  75 - 60-day lender letter
  • $100 - Resale certificate
  • $  25 - Returned check fee
  • $    5 - per month Late Fee for late payments of annual dues
Location of Barkley Square South
The unshaded area represents the neighborhood boundaries. Click on the map for a larger view. For an interactive map, go to Our Location. We also have a Facebook page created for the neighborhood. Check us out and join us!




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