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Street Directors are elected annually at the same time as all Officers. Each Street Director is selected from the residents of the street represented.  Street Directors are Officers and Board Members of the organization.
If you have a homeowner association question or issue on your street, please make your first contact with your Street Director.
Street Directors for the year are:
Rutherglenn (30) Bob Rosenberg    
Valkeith (30) Linda Arnold    
Dumfries (25) Leslie Moser    
Yarwell & Mullins (33) Chris Moras    
Wigton (30) Paul Heyman    
Cheena (29) Jim Saye    
Lymbar (28)      
To Email Street Directors, write from our Contact Us page and enter the street name as the first word in  the subject line.
Street Directors shall be members of the Board of Directors. The duties will be to call on each new family, welcome them, ascertain that they are in possession of a copy of their deed restrictions, and inform them of the existence of the BSCC web site and of the importance of registering on the site; also to immediately notify the Secretary of any changes of occupancy of residences on their streets. and of the email address of the new resident.  Other duties include distribution of bulletins, presentation of proxy votes at meetings and the contact of their street resident at any time deemed necessary by the President.




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